Mirage Solid Privacy Fences


Mirage solid privacy fencing combines the familiar texture of wood with all of the incredible advantages of vinyl.

Available in three colors (sequoia, slate and mahogany), Mirage privacy fences are charming, eye-catching additions to any style of property.  As with everything Torrance Fence Company offers, this product is made in the US and can easily be customized in any style as needed.

What makes Mirage privacy fencing special is its exceptional melding of traditional visual appeal and innovative, robust construction. When you buy a quality Mirage fence, you won’t have to worry about your neighbors being dissatisfied. The perfect tongue-and-groove fittings and lack of bracket and screw eyesores mean that the fence will look absolutely gorgeous on both side. Mirage is extremely resistant to splitting, cracking, mold, and termites. Additionally, all it takes to keep this fencing at its best, just like any other our vinyl fencing, is an occasional spray from the garden hose. There’s absolutely no need to waste valuable time and money on painting, staining or sanding your fence. Besides a Manufacturer’s Limited Lifetime Warranty, Mirage privacy fencing also comes with a 20-Year Fade and Stain Warranty.