If you have browsed our website, you probably notice that we use VINYL in 80% of our outdoor building projects. We love working with VINYL and it is the best solution for long-lasting fencing, gates, patio covers, railings, gazebos, and many other outdoor projects.
Our vinyl is proudly made in the USA and it is the highest quality virgin vinyl. The manufacturer we use engineer and design the profiles to withstand harsh weather conditions. They carefully mix the necessary ingredients, including UV stabilizers, that will make your fence look brand new for a lifetime. Our fences are tested in winds up to 130 mph. Vinyl fencing doesn't require any harmful chemical treatments, painting, and staining.

We offer several colors in vinyl if you like your fence to stand out from the rest and from more traditional white fencing.

Proudly offering made in the USA high-quality virgin vinyl,  covered with limited lifetime warranty.


Standard Vinyl Fence Styles

Straight Top picket-1
Straight top picket
Alternative-semi-privacy picket
Scalloped Picket
shadow box privacy
Louvered Semi-Privacy
Scalloped Picket -2
Luvured semi Privacy Fence
privacy picket on top
Privacy With Lattice on top
Scalloped Picket 7/3x3" picket
Picket Pool Fence 5' tall & up
Privacy Fence
3-Rail ranch style fence
4-Rail Ranch Style Fence
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Privacy Fence

Our Privacy vinyl fencing can be custom fabricated in any style and height.
It's both secure and beautiful for any property. Our vinyl privacy fences are neighbor friendly and look the same from both sides.
Because we custom fabricate your fence, our privacy sections are equally divided so you won't have one section that's bigger or smaller than the rest. 
Our vinyl privacy sections have aluminum or metal inserts in the bottom rails for better support. Many fence companies will make you believe that it's unnecessary to use inserts in your privacy rails and that we use inserts because our rails are not as thick, in fact, our top and bottom rails are the thickest that any vinyl manufacturer makes. But just like everything else, we always like to do things that are above the minimum requirements to ensure lifetime lasting projects. In most cases, we fill our privacy vinyl posts with concrete. All privacy fences installed by us are beautiful from outside and durable from the inside, imagine having a beautiful vinyl fence that feels like block-wall.
To learn more about the vinyl materials we use, please visit our 
We have a wide variety of colors and different type of vinyl materials to choose from. We have installed thousands of custom made privacy fences in South Bay area for the past 10 years. Most of our customers are homeowners who are looking to replace their wood fence and improve both look and the security of their property; and realtors who are looking to increase the value of the property, apartment complexes, and HOA's.


Our Everyday Vinyl Projects


Picket Fence

The beautiful picket fence is a must for most front yards. It is exquisite and secure. Picket fence will allow your children or pets to be safe and play in your front yard.
We can custom fabricate your picket fence to any style, height, and any picket spacing. Today's most popular picket fence styles are routed in pickets, scalloped, arched, straight top, closed top pickets (also used for pool fencing), and face mounted pickets. Our commonly used picket sizes are 1" square / 1.375" square / 1.5" square / 7/8x1.5" and 7/8x3" pickets. Our picket fence are built with 2"x3.5" top and bottom rails. We also have them in open and ribbed rails. 

Our picket fence can be made in white, tan or beige. However, white is the most attractive color for front yards. We can custom fabricate picket gates to match your fence. They are also available in swing and rolling styles for your driveway entry.

Special Colors





Standard Colors



Wall Toppers

Wall top privacy fence is usually installed on top of block walls to enhance security and privacy of the property. It's commonly used in properties with pools for more privacy.
Our wall toppers are neighbor friendly just like all of our vinyl privacy fences. Our block wall toppers are usually anywhere from 2'.6" up to 4' tall, depending on the existing block wall conditions and height.
Our wall toppers are beautiful from outside and durable from inside as they are directly connected to your block wall with rebar and concrete.

Another good reason for having a vinyl wall topper, is to protect your property from other animals. Vinyl is slippery, which makes it harder for animals to climb over; unlike wood fence and block walls. Pet owners with short block wall fence also love our wall toppers as it can keep your pets safe and secure.


Pool Fence

Our beautifully designed Vinyl Pool Fencing has the beauty of clear white or Tan/Almond Vinyl Fencing. It will give you the maximum security you need. We can customize your pool fence and gates to any style, height, and picket spacing you require. Our recommended pool closed top picket fencing is 6' tall, 7/8" x 1.5" pickets with 1.70" spacing, using 2"x3.5" top and bottom rails and 4x4 or 5x5 post of your choice.
We have built hundreds of custom pool fencing for residential, big apartment complexes, and HOA's.

We offer many different styles of secure latching mechanisms to be installed with your pool gates, such as, Lockable Security Drop Bolt's, Self-Locking Latches and Hinges, Magnetic Latches with Vertical Pull Models and Security Alerts for child safety.


Committed to Quality Committed to you.

Our vinyl materials are from industry leader brands.

Our installation is top notch.

Our  installers are experienced industry experts.

Lowest Price  

Guaranteed lowest price in South Bay area for any outdoor project with VINYL.
Our concept of offering low prices for outdoor building with VINYL materials is a big game changer in the VINYL FENCING industry.


Torrance Fence Company

fabricates and customize  unique fences.

Exclusive new designs.

We design every outdoor project per customers specific requirements.

Your imagination is the limit.


Our Vinyl Materials come with Manufacturer Limited LIFETIME WARRANTY for the first owner plus 30 years second owner WARRANTY. 

Vinyl Fence Accessories

Square Cambridge Solar Cap
Square Galaxy Cap
Square Coachman Solar Cap
Square New England Cap - 5x5 post
Square New England Cap
Square Internal Pyramid Cap
Square External Pyramid Capap
Square External Pyramid Cap 5x5 post
Square Ball Cap 5x5 post
Square Ball Cap
Square Gothic Cap 5x5 post
Square Gothic Cap
Dog Ear Cap
Spade Cap
Flat Cap
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