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About our Installation 

Our words will mean nothing without excellent end results. Satisfaction and quality delivered projects starts with a professional install. Unlike the big box industry leader companies, we have high standards when it comes to our installers. All of our foremen have at least 3 years of experience and the proper communication skills to converse with our customers. Proficiency in English is a must.
Your project manager will ensure that your fence or custom project is being fabricated as promised and as described from start to finish. He or she will be your point of contact at all times.


During the first day of installation (depending on the size of your project, 1-5 days) a lead project manager will go over the project with the appointed foreman to ensure every detail is accounted. Once the project is completed, a final walk through and inspection at the end of the project with the foreman whose working onsite is highly recommended to make sure we meet your expectation.


Every completed project is left cleaned and rinsed before leaving. 

Torrance Fence Company has been around in the south bay area for 5 plus years and growing in size due to our honesty, professionalism, and being upfront with our customers with the utmost respect. We are known for our great customer service, competitive prices, premium materials, and install. Not to mention the many variety of outdoor material and colors we have. Unfortunately we do not work with metal or wrought iron fencing material. We specialize in vinyl, wood, and composite.

Our reputation is based on many factors; one of them being upfront with our customers on pricing and what we can and can not do. Unlike other fence industry leaders who has sales representatives, may promise things that are impossible to accomplish to make a sale and later rely on their installers to get him or her out of it.

Torrance Fence Company does not make empty promises. All of our project managers who goes out to do the in-person or office visit estimates are all experienced installers or foreman. They have at least 3 years or more knowledge in the fencing industry and know what can and cannot be done by looking at your property. Unlike sales representatives, our project managers are able to give you the best answers to your questions and make a suggestion based on your unique property and let you know what design is the most suited when making a decision on your outdoor building project. 

Our reputation matters to us but what matters more is keeping that hard-earned reputation, by delivering more than what's promised and not cutting corners to save on cost.


We don't like to promise much, but there are a few things we can promise and guarantee.


1. Best materials available in the market!  
2. Lowest price in the South Bay area!
3. Manufacturers Limited Life-Time Warranty on vinyl

4. Torrance Fence Company 6 years Workmanship Warranty on vinyl & 3 years Workmanship Warranty on other materials
5. 100% Satisfaction!


As a family owned and operated company there are many things that set us apart. Such as a quick install turnaround or bringing you a miniature fence panel or gate sample to your in-home estimate appointment. The turnaround to install your fence can happen within 2-3 weeks after your first initial visit if you signed the contract same day.

We offer competitive prices and sometimes the lowest for the similar, equal, or better material and guarantee better installation because our motto is to approach each job as if it was our own. 

We only use premium materials for our outdoor projects. One of our most favorite material to use is vinyl. We use it in 80% of our projects and ONLY use the highest quality "Made in the USA" thickest virgin vinyl nationwide recognized brands. We carry a couple of different trademarks to offer when it comes to vinyl and we can show you the differences when we meet in person.

Our vinyl comes in many different colors, and are available in almost every profile you can think of. It will never turn yellow,  rot, shrink, or twist. If it ever does let us know, we will write up a ticket to replace it at no extra charge to you.

Metal inserts can be used in the bottom rails for extra strength. Other companies may make you believe that we use these metal inserts due to our rail materials are poorly made, but our rails are the thickest and strongest you can find in the vinyl fence industry. We are probably one of the very few if not only who would offer this to customer who wants more extra strength or structural integrity security. 

We love building new custom projects! So please bring us your ideas. We would love to take the challenge.

You can get more of your questions answered in our learning center or by contacting us.


Proud Member in Good Standing,

of American Fence Association

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