About Torrance Fence Company

About our installation 
Our words will mean nothing without excellent end results.
Satisfaction and quality delivered projects start with professional installation.
Unlike the big box industry leader companies, we have higher standards when it comes to our installers; we will never hire installer without at least 3 years of experience; for proper communication with our customers, proficient in English is a must. 
Your project manager will ensure that your fence or other custom project is being fabricated as promised and as described, your project manager will be your point of contact at all times. During the first day (depending on the size of your project, 1-5 days) your project manager will start the job to ensure the installers are covered off every detail, then a final walk around and inspection at the end of the project is a must. 

We will go over all other important facts involved in quality installation during our first visit; there are several important things that many contractors and fence companies, especially big box companies don't want you to know so they can save on labor and materials.

When it comes to choosing your fence company, not only the materials are important, but also the customer service.

Honesty, professionalism, and being upfront about everything is our foundation.
Customers always come first for us. 
A customer is a person who brings us his wants-it and is our job to fill those needs at the lowest price and best materials in the industry.
A customer does us a favor when they call us; we are not doing them a favor by serving them, and the customer is the most important person in our business.
The second important thing for us it's our reputation.
Our reputation is based on many factors; being upfront with our customers about the pricing and about things that we can and can not do, unlike other industry leader companies with salespeople giving you estimates and promising things that are literally impossible do accomplish, just to make the sale then rely on installers to get him out of that promise.
We will never make an empty promise. A salesman who has never dig a hole, mixed concrete, leveled the fence by following the slope, never attached fascia board for a patio cover to the house wall, can not tell you important things that you should know and understand before the project begins, no matter how much training he's been given.
Because our project manager who will help you from a-z with your project is an experienced fence installer himself, he will answer questions and make suggestions not only material related but also installation related which is the most important thing when making a decision for an outdoor building project that will last a lifetime.
Yes, reputation matters for us but what matters more is keeping that hard-earned reputation, by always delivering not less but more than what's promised, by not cutting corners.
We will make sure our customers are informed in every step of the way from fabrication to the installation.
Because in the end, we are not satisfied until you are 100% satisfied.

We don't like to promise much, but there are few things we can promise and guaranty.

1. Best materials available in the market!  
2. Lowest possible price in the South Bay area!
3. Manufacturers Limited Life-Time WARRANTY on vinyl materials only and six years Workmanship Warranty on any of our work!
4. 100% Satisfaction!




As a family owned and operated company there are many things that set us apart, but there is few that we like to share with you.
We have a quick turnaround, in fact, you can schedule your free In-Home estimate using our online booking and choose your day and time. You may even schedule your free estimate for same or next day, but we ask you to give us at least 16 hours, so we can better prepare our material samples based on your project. We like to bring not only material samples but actual fence panels and gates, another word; we bring our showroom to your yard. Generally speaking, we can install your fence within 2-3 weeks after our first visit.

We offer lower prices on the same, equal or better material plus guaranty better installation, because we care, we approach each job as if it was our own. In the bottom of this page, we created a special chart that will show you how we can beat competition prices by still offering you same or better level of service, for the same or better quality vinyl materials.

If you're unsure what style or color fence or patio cover will look better on your property, we can always make 3D designs and photoshop of your property with desired styles you are looking for so you can visualize the actual look before making that important decision.

We only use high-quality materials for our outdoor projects. Our most favorite material is vinyl, we use vinyl in about 80% of our projects. We ONLY use the highest quality made in USA thickest virgin vinyl, nationwide recognized brands. We do have few brands to offer when it comes to vinyl and will show you the differences when we meet.

Our vinyl comes in many different colors, and available in almost every profile you can think of, so customization is what we do every day. We love building new custom projects so; please bring us your ideas, and we would love to take the challenge.

Our vinyl will never turn yellow,  rotting post, shrinking or twisting. 
You can get more of your questions answered in our
learning center or by contacting us.

Metal inserts can be used in the bottom rails for extra strength in your privacy fencing and pool fencing for no additional charge. Other companies may make you believe that we use this inserts because of are rails are not thick, but our rails are the thickest you can find in the vinyl fence industry, this is just one of many things that we do for extra structural integrity and superior strength.


Proud Member in Good Standing,

of American Fence Association