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Serving The beautiful city of Redondo Beach for over 14 years
with our custom vinyl Fences, Gates, Railings, and Patio Covers.
Torrance Fence company is the number one go-to Vinyl Fence Company for Redondo Beach and all South Bay residents.
We are Family Owned and Operated by South Bay Residents

Call us for Free in-home estimates310-556-1424

Redondo Beach is one of the primary cities that we service with our popular Vinyl Privacy Fences, Vinyl Gates, Vinyl Decks and Patio covers.

Being a beach city, Redondo Beach resident's choose a vinyl fence as their fence material option which will always look new and comes with a lifetime WARRANTY, wood, and metal fences are typically bad choices near beach cities due to the high level of moisture in the air and they know to have a short life-span and require a lot of maintenance, unlike our vinyl fence which does not require any maintenance.

Lic.# 1025588

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